Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Dupe List

Whether you are new or old to Makeup Savvy I feel there are two things that you should know about me & my blog; 1. I love to save money on everything, especially beauty products 2. I love premium makeup. Of course, these don't really go hand in hand but over the years I've realised that while splurging from time to time, you can also get many a similar product from drugstore brands. 

My favourite premium makeup brand of all is without a doubt Charlotte Tilbury as the shade ranges and formulas are spot on and while I do treat myself to the odd product on special occasions I also love hunting down dupes… I mean who couldn't love a Charlotte Tilbury dupe that will save you money! 

So today as I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and own my fair share I thought I would bring you a list of the best Charlotte Tilbury lipstick dupes that will save you on average £18 per lipstick! If you can't get enough of these kinds of savings find more with my Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Dupe List

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