The Best Gifts To Put On Your Christmas List 2019

By now it's more than likely that you've been asked what you want for Christmas this year from both family and friends, and if like me your response is "let me think about it" then see this as a blog post written with you in mind. 

More than ever before we buy what we need as and when we need it and while our head is thinking about what to buy others for Christmas it can be tricky to know what to put on our own Christmas list, even if it's vague to allow for a semi-surprise come the big day. But creating a Christmas list however old you are can be a wise thing to do! It takes the stress off the person wanting to buy you a gift and you know you will receive something you like rather than something that's destined for a drawer or dare I say it; the present cupboard (we are all aware of this method of recycling unwanted gifts, right?). 

So without further ado, here is a relaxed gift guide of sorts with suggestions of what you may possibly want to ask Santa for this year!

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