Noteworthy Nail Polish for Autumn 2019

Nothing inspires me more to be creative with colour than an Autumn palette. Deep berries shades and rust tones are my thing and Autumn is the perfect time to let them shine. For me, this is with both eyeshadow (you can read about my favourite autumn eyeshadow palettes here) and nail polish. 

Come this time of year I can't wait to paint my nails, often picking an autumnal base colour and pairing it with a glittery top coat as I like to believe with both Halloween and Christmas on the way I can get away with a little daytime sparkle. 

There are endless autumn nail polish shades you could go for but I decided to pick out the most noteworthy shades from my collection. There's a delicious palette of autumnal shades here along with two stunning top coat nail polishes that couldn't be more perfect for this time of year if they tried. Oh, and all nail polishes here are budget-friendly! 
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