How To Overcome New Makeup Release Fatigue

There is no denying makeup launches are coming thick and fast these days and with Christmas on the way it literally seems impossible to keep up and know what's worth buying and what isn't. Yes, choice is an amazing thing but I can't help but feel over faced at times with the rate of new makeup releases from even my most favourite brands, such as Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Revolution and all their spin-off brands and Too Faced to name but a few. 

Basically, I've been going through New Makeup Release Fatigue! Seeing everything but not buying anything because, arghhhh, why so much?! 

Thankfully I've got myself out of this head funk and so I wanted to share what I've done to combat it. So that if you are feeling the same as we are bombarded with new makeup launches and Christmas gift sets you can see the wood for the trees and buy like it's 2005 again! Bare with me, I know this all sounds a bit of a ramble but I feel I have a point to make with this post!

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