9 Cult Classic Fragrance Dupes

Lately, I've been on a mission to find cheaper alternatives for makeup products I love. For me, this makes sense for three reasons – 1. It feeds my savvy nature and brings me joy 2. I have a much cheaper back-up once I run out of my favourite product and 3. I like 'dupes' for frivolous use… you know using on non-special occasions and for throwing in a handbag without worrying it will get damaged or worn looking.

From my favourite bronzer to endless Charlotte Tilbury products (you can see my huge CT dupe post here!) I'm a woman obsessed and so I'm now focusing on duping my most worn fragrances, again that I can throw in my bag, spray liberally and use whenever I feel like it because the spend with perfume dupes is always going to be low!

Below you will find quite a few fragrance dupes for some of my favourites that all fit into the 'cult classics' category, so I thought I'd add to it and make it a round-up of the best cult classic fragrance dupes – I hope you find a dupe for your own favourite perfume here.
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